Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)


Traditional Chinese Medicine is the wisdom and treasure of thousands of years of accumulated experience of medical practitioners. It is effective in the treatment and prevention of diseases.


Basic Concept of TCM

The Holistic Concept is the core theory of TCM. The concept includes integrity of the body and its relationship with the outer world.

TCM holistic approaches are based on the views of whole-body and whole-person, whole-world. Ancient Chinese believe that their existence was closely tied with the universe. Thus they emphasize harmony with nature.

They also believe that the human body is an organic entity and a balanced whole. Although different organs of human body have different functions, they are both different and interrelated to constitute an integrated relationship. That means a person is a whole unit and indivisible. Thus from the Chinese medicine point of view, local pathological changes may affect the whole body, even whole body surface.

Under the guidance of holistic concept, all aspects must be considered when treating a problem.

We should make a comprehensive analysis on the patients’ physical condition as a whole, including their age, lifestyles, medical history, career and mental state, etc., to find out the problem, to make a correct diagnosis and proper treatment.

Diagnostic methods in traditional Chinese medicine include four basic methods: inspection, listening and smelling, inquiry and palpation.

Through these diagnostic methods, we analyze the causes, nature, and interrelations of the disease, provide evidence for the further differentiation of syndromes, and determine the appropriate treatment and medication.

Each of four diagnostic methods is indispensable and complementary to one another. We use them as a whole to obtain comprehensive understanding of each case.


The Powerful Healing Effect of TCM

Chinese Medicine: With herbs to rectify the imbalance in the human body, to treat health problems from the root, to achieve the purpose of preventing disease and maintain health.

Acupuncture: sustains the body’s positive energy, adjusts the function of the whole body and redirects it into balance, so as to achieve the best physical condition.

Cupping: smoothes flow of qi and blood, eliminates obstructions, and clears stasis, usually combined with acupuncture.


Scrapping (Gua Sha): mobilizes the body’s self-defense system to expel deep toxins from the body’s metabolism to improve the existing condition.

Tui Na Massage (Tendon Treatment): regulates yin and yang, regulates flow of qi and blood, and stimulates the function of self-defense system.

Tian Jiu (Natural Moxibustion): externally applied with Chinese medicine on relevant acupuncture points during the hottest and coldest days so as to strengthen yang qi and boost the immune system. Specifically for: asthma, nasal allergies, vulnerable to cold, stomach pain, diarrhea, rheumatism dysmenorrhea because of lack of yang.

Combine Treatments ( Chinese Medicine/ Acupuncture/Cupping/ Scrapping/ Tui Na Massage ): recommended by the physician to meet the individual needs in order to cure the illness completely.

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